When Sarah Hackett Davis saw Murray Kessler for the first time, she felt an instant connection as they locked eyes and began talking. “It was love at first sight,” she confides. “He called me at 7AM the next morning, and we’ve been together ever since.”

A couple of years later, Murray had secured the blessing of Sarah’s family, and was fully prepared to present his beloved with a sparkling diamond engagement ring while they vacationed in Dublin, Ireland, for Valentine’s Day. “It was such a dream,” she remembers. Murray reveals that he felt like he would be with Sarah for the rest of his life from the moment he met her. “However, knowing that each of us had been previously married, I was mindful of doing the right thing for all involved, including allowing the appropriate time to go by before proposing,” he explains. “I must say, I was delighted to see Sarah’s surprise the night I proposed.”

Having spent many holidays and other happy events at luxury hotel The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida, the pair knew it was the perfect location for their nuptials. The location also worked well for their friends who lived in Florida, and it proved to be a fun spot to visit for out-of-town guests. While the bride worked carefully on the design details alongside Heather Lowenthal of Posh Parties, Murray was tasked with curating the music for the celebration. “He was very involved and incredibly helpful,” notes Sarah of her groom, who ultimately selected three different live bands for the wedding weekend. “It was so much fun,” admits Murray. 

“There is nothing I would have done differently. I enjoyed every minute.”

A ballroom at The Breakers had been transformed into a magnificent, magical space for the ceremony. “When the doors opened, everyone took their phones out to take photos,” the groom recounts of the jaw-dropping reveal. Sarah wanted the room to appear as if they were marrying outdoors beneath flowering trees. Rows of trees with florals suspended from branches decorated the aisle, as well as collections of candles set atop mirrored podiums. A living greenery wall and a raised chuppah covered in thousands of blossoms and foliage served as the spot for the vow exchange. “It was intimate, warm, and the flowers were magnificent!” describes the bride. 

The bridal party wore long elegant gowns in ebony, while the groomsmen mimicked the sleek look with classic black tuxedos. Sarah was ethereal in a sleeveless lace ball gown and carried a fresh bouquet of peonies. A lovely blend of Christian and Jewish traditions as well as scripture readings were included in the service. “Murray added a surprise vow at the end of his part,” says the bride. “He assured me that he would always keep me safe. It was beautiful and heartfelt.” 

The evening reception continued the dreamy style from earlier in the day. This time, large trees had a unique twist: the tops were formed into “chandeliers” made of orchids, verdure, and tea lights. All-white tablescapes were decorated with either timeless floral arrangements in crystal vases or whimsical creations of upside-down calla lilies affixed to a wreath of frothy roses and peonies. 

When the couple made their way into the room for their first dance, guests were already dancing on the custom circular dance floor, surrounded by tall glass vases of crème brûlée blooms. “They made space and surrounded us as we danced,” illustrates Sarah of one of the couple’s favorite memories that concluded with a pyrotechnics display. For the crowd’s enjoyment, Universal Crush – a 12-piece band from EastCoast Entertainment– personalized each song so that the most popular portion was performed. “They were remarkable,” adds Murray. “Dance music, yes, but equally, they were a show with every step to every song choreographed.”

The groom shares that he was thrilled with the work of Posh Parties, as well as the manager at The Breakers. “They left no stone unturned, and their amazing efforts allowed Sarah and me to fully enjoy every moment of our wedding,” he tells. He encourages other couples to spend the most on areas of greatest importance to them. “Don’t be penny-wise and dollar foolish. You only get married twice,” the groom playfully advises.  

The newlyweds relish in memories of the special day. “There is nothing I would have done differently,” Sarah muses. “I enjoyed every minute.”