A Once-in-a-Lifetime Honeymoon Expedition to Antarctica

Take a look at this couple's incredible trip to the "End of the World" and South Pole!

If you want to experience an adventurous honeymoon like no other, take inspiration from this couple who celebrated their "I dos" with a once-in-a-lifetime Antarctic expedition!

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A few months after their destination wedding in Lake Como, Italy, global nomads Suzy Guttler and Juan Castillo celebrated their new beginning with a voyage to Antarctica for an adventurous, once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon experience.

Destination: Ushuaia, Argentina, South America

Before and after their Antarctic expedition, Suzy and Juan visited the southern tip of South America in Ushuaia, known as “The End of the World” and gateway to Antarctica. With the recommendation of their travel consultants at Antarctica Travels, they kicked off their honeymoon at Arakur Ushuaia Resort & Spa, set within the Cerro Alarkén Nature Reserve, and ended their trip at Los Cauquenes Resort + Spa + Experiences, a waterfront property providing a balance of luxury, serenity, and adventure.

Arakur Ushuaia Resort & Spa

Photo courtesy of Arakur Ushuaia Resort & Spa

Navegando el Beagle III

Photo courtesy of Los Cauquenes Resort + Spa + Experiences

During the day, they experienced Argentine Patagonia by air and land with a private helicopter excursion via HeliUshuaia and a horseback tour of the Andes with Centro Hípico Ushuaia. “We just couldn’t pass up this opportunity to try our skills as modern-day gauchos!” smiles Suzy. 

Seeing the Andes by Helicopter in Ushuaia

Photo courtesy of Suzy Guttler and Juan Castillo

Nights were spent wining and dining in the city at hotel restaurants La Cravia and Reinamora, as well as local-and-tourist favorite El Viejo Marino – a popular spot for the local delicacy of centolla (king crab) – and Kalma Restó, which offers a 12-course tasting menu of regional Patagonian flavors paired with Argentine wines. “This was a honeymoon meal worth celebrating!” Juan adds.


Flying over Tierra Del Fuego. “We took a helicopter over Ushuaia Bay, soared towards Cerro Cinco Hermanos and through Encajonado River Valley, and landed in the heart of the Andes for a romantic hike followed by champagne.

Eating king crab with the locals. “For the full experience, we went crabbing with a local fishing family from Puerto Almanza and joined our hosts in their homes to prepare and feast on the freshest king crab we’ve ever had.”

Sending postcards from The End of the World. “In the heart of Tierra del Fuego National Park sits a charming post office where you can send some love home.”

Antarctica Zodiac Boat on Quark Expeditions

Photo courtesy of Suzy Guttler and Juan Castillo

Destination: Antarctica

As traveling the world has been a big part of their lives and relationship, “Our quest for the most profound place in the world to honeymoon led us to our seventh continent,” says Suzy. “We wanted to hike in the footsteps of bold explorers who discovered the continent only two centuries ago… [and] travel to the last frontier of our planet.” Thus, they embarked on Quark Expeditions’ World Explorer ship for a 10-day voyage from Ushuaia to Antarctica through the treacherous Drake Passage. 

bride and groom in matching penguin sweaters for honeymoon in antarctica quark expeditions

Photo courtesy of Suzy Guttler and Juan Castillo

Each day, they took part in morning and afternoon landings, exploring the glaciers, wildlife, and majesty of Half Moon Island in the South Shetland Islands, Orne Harbour and Danco Island, Cuverville Island and Jougla Point, Pléneau Bay and the Yalour Islands, as well as Portal Point and Graham Passage. “One thing that surprised us most was that the wildlife aren’t scared of humans… Whales swam up to a few feet from our Zodiac boats and penguins waddled right up to our camera lens,” Suzy smiles. 

wildlife photo of seal on quark expeditions trip to antarctica

wildlife photo of penguins on quark expeditions trip to antarctica

Photos courtesy of Suzy Guttler and Juan Castillo

“Each and every moment had been amongst the most invigorating and transformative experiences of our lives,” confirms Juan of the unforgettable time. “Together we’ve braved the elements and voyaged to the world’s most distant and isolated region… and made friendships and memories to last a lifetime.”

kayaking in antarctica honeymoon to antarctica quark expeditions activity

Photo courtesy of Suzy Guttler and Juan Castillo 


Kayaking along the Antarctic Peninsula. “It was the most intimate, up close, and personal way to connect with the mystical seventh continent. It was also one of the most romantic moments!” 

Taking the polar plunge. “The ceremonial plunge into the icy waters traditionally celebrates a new beginning – and what better way for us to celebrate this new chapter of our lives!” 

Discovering local wildlife. “We marched alongside penguins, kayaked by humpback whales, and hiked through the native habitat of the world’s last great wilderness.”

real honeymoon photo bride and groom in expedition attire on zodiac boat in antarctica quark expeditions

Photo courtesy of Suzy Guttler and Juan Castillo 

Antarctica Travel Tips from Suzy & Juan:

“Make sure to stop by the shops on Avenida San Martín, the main shopping street in downtown Ushuaia. We collected an assortment of souvenirs that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to find on the frosty continent of Antarctica.” 

“If you’re on your way to Antarctica, you can skip the penguin tours in Ushuaia – you will encounter colonies more of these cute, tuxedoed friends in the South Pole!” 

“The Antarctic summer begins in November and runs through early March. The best time to visit tends to be midway through the season when wildlife is the most active, the weather is nicest, and the days are the longest. In January, we had 21 hours of daylight!” 

“Book a smaller, more intimate vessel (150 voyagers or less) for an Antarctic expedition to maximize your time on land and allow access to protected coves and channels that larger ships can’t reach.” 

“Be ready to unplug. Wi-Fi is costly and extremely slow on the expedition vessel. We took advantage of this time to unplug from our devices and fully connect with the Great White Continent and each other.”

real honeymoon photo bride with wine on balcony of quark expeditions ship in antarctica

Photos courtesy of Suzy Guttler and Juan Castillo

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Some of the links included may be affiliate; however, everything we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. When you make a purchase, we may receive revenue. Thank you for your support!