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Best Sci-Fi Books

Since the 1980s there have been such profound technological advances that our ancestors might think that this is a utopian reality. The Internet has changed the way we learn, interact and, ultimately, who we are. But this has only been the beginning. In the next 20 years, the human being will be closer than ever to teleporting. And within 100, possibly, he will be able to live with robots or that these can be part of our body through brain implants or incorporating bionic limbs.

Best Sci-Fi Books

With this list of science fiction works, we will approach, with different degrees and points of view, all those realities that may be feasible thanks to an unprecedented evolution of three key technological fields.

Ready Player One, Ernest Cline

It is the most influential novel in current virtual reality, because it precisely shows how the development of society towards poverty and depression makes the human being, seeking escape, move practically all his life, except his body, to a virtual world in the one that nothing exists. Another very interesting aspect of this future is the democratization of a quality education system for all inhabitants, in which technological innovations are fully exploited.

The Infinite Game, James Dashner

Here we also find a future society where people prefer to live connected to a virtual world than to “be” in their real life. However, due to the way events occur, its technological relevance is found in the eternal debate on computer security. In this reality, the problem is that privacy is no longer spoken of, but it is life itself that is at stake being connected. Without a doubt, fun work and with which to become aware of the dangers of the present and technological future.

Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson

A classic, both for technology and for general literature, because of how in the early days of the Internet they knew how to develop the concepts, now popular, of “avatar” -the current social identifiers-, or of a world based on virtual reality possible thanks to the advances of the network. It also reviews the dangers shared between these two worlds, with a focus based on the medical sector or, in this case, eHealth.

Yo, robot, Isaac Asimov

Despite being published 66 years ago, this work is a great reference, since it fully enunciates and develops the three laws of robotics. They establish the fundamental principles that should govern coexistence and respect for robots towards human beings. Norms that have been used for the current programming of robots, going from fiction to reality. Composed of different independent stories, the subject is treated from different points of view to address all possible problems.

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