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Organize shortcuts

If you are in the world of shortcuts for iOS, surely on occasion you have had to navigate up and down your library of Shortcuts to find the one you were just looking for. Until the release of iOS 14, all our shortcuts were put together in a single window mixed together, without the possibility of any order, which made referring to one, in particular, a bit more tedious than many of us wanted. Luckily this is in the past, and thanks to the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system we can now organize our shortcuts in folders by type, function, type, or whatever we like. Do you want to know how? Keep reading and we will tell you how to create and organize folders with all your shortcuts.

Organize shortcuts

So you can organize folders with your shortcuts

The steps to follow to create folders for your shortcuts is very simple, simply follow the steps below to complete the process.

  • Open your Shortcuts app and click on Shortcuts in the upper left corner.
  • Next, click on the icon of a folder with a “+” that you will find in the upper right corner of the new screen.
  • The folder creation drop-down will open, where we can select the icon that we want for it (there are many options available so that we can choose the one that best suits us according to the shortcuts that we are going to save in it), we will also have to write the name that we want for the folder. To finish, click on Add in the upper right corner.
  • With the folder created, go back to the main screen of the Shortcuts app and click on Select in the upper right corner.
  • The shortcuts will begin to shake, similar to how apps do when we put the home screen in edit mode. One by one we must select the ones we want to add to our new folder by clicking on them. If you have many you can use the search bar at the top. When you have them all, click on Transfer at the bottom of the screen.
  • After this, we only have to select our container folder from the list, click on it and the shortcuts will be located inside it.

Turn your shortcut folders into widgets

After creating a folder with your shortcuts, you may be interested, now that iOS 14 allows it, to create a widget with that folder so that you can always have them at hand.

For this, the steps to follow are the following:

  • Put the home screen in Edit mode and click on the icon with a “+” that you will find in the upper right part of the screen.
  • After this, the screen with all the widgets will be displayed before us. Swipe to the bottom area, where it becomes a list, and click on Shortcuts.
  • Now it’s time to choose the size of the widget for shortcuts that we want to use. Depending on the number of shortcuts you have included in your folder, one or the other will be better for you. Select the one that suits you best and click on Add widget.
  • We will place our widget where we want. After this, we will keep pressing on it and choose the option Edit widget.
  • Where it indicates Folder, we will press and select our created folder from the list.
  • After this, we only have to go back by pressing the home button or sliding up, and the shortcuts that we will find in our widget will be those of the folder that we have previously created.

Since iOS 14 allows us to create several widgets of the same app, we can create different blocks that reside in different folders for different situations, and even use them in conjunction with the smart stack so that we always have the ones we need at hand at that moment.

Shortcuts was a revolution in iOS after its presentation, now, together with the new iOS 14 widgets, the options are multiplied, being able to always have on the home screen without having to slide to the Today display or having to open the app expressly.

Do you have any method to keep your shortcuts always at hand? How do you order them? Feel free to share your experience with widgets and the Shortcuts app with us in the comments section.

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