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School Tech for 2020

Backpack, footwear, gown, case… Summer vacation is not over when parents have to start preparing all their children’s material for back to school. The schools begin little by little to open their doors waiting for the arrival of millions of children willing to devour knowledge and run through their corridors as if there were no tomorrow.

School Tech for 2020

Filling children’s backpack with all the material necessary for their learning has varied greatly in recent years, replacing technological devices in many cases to pencils, books and traditional diaries. The technology is here to stay and education is no stranger to it. The use that we make of it and the educational values ​​that we instil in children will depend on the benefit that they obtain from technology.

Interactive whiteboards to enhance learning

One of the most used devices in schools in recent years are tablets. As a replacement or as a complement to books, these devices allow the student to store a large amount of information in the minimum space. From books to videos to images, tablets offer the student a 360-degree view of any subject. With proper and responsible use, minors will obtain endless educational possibilities as well as being a tool that motivates them and makes them interact with each other.

A mandatory complement to the tablet will be a keyboard and/or a wireless mouse. Through these, the child will be able to handle and write the content they need without suffering the difficulties of writing on the screen of the tablet.

Safety also occupies a relevant place in children’s day-to-day lives and one of the concerns when they go back to school. There are already connected backpacks that, in addition to storing the material, serve as a device charger. Something very interesting if we consider that the battery life in some devices may be insufficient. In addition, some incorporate a location system that allows parents to know at all times the exact place where their child is.

Technology enables creative and collaborative work

Many of the world’s leading technology companies have been developing large-inch interactive whiteboards focused on collaborative work in recent years. Designed for full touch or pointer interaction, these whiteboards are intended to display and create content in an educational environment that is easy to share. The possibilities that these devices have in the classroom are immense by allowing creative and collaborative teamwork and allowing students to follow it at all times on their tablets from their own workplace.

The evolution that the education sector has been experiencing in recent years has generated great controversies related to the presence of technology in the classroom. Some sectors consider that the use of electronic devices by children at school will have negative connotations during the learning process. However, studies show that not only is this statement not true, but well-used technology allows children to increase creativity, teamwork, and motivation towards learning. As always, education is everything.

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