Bob Gail Events

Bob Gail Events is a boutique full-service event planning, design and coordination company based in Los Angeles, California, with over 40 years of experience creating unique and personalized events.

Culver City, California, United States
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Bob Gail Events - Nighttime Tent Wedding wood walkway lantern lounge area tent reception
Photo: Gia Canali Photography
Bob Gail Events - Neon Sign at Sweets Table wedding reception dessert table black white bar area with gold displays
Photo: Callaway Gable
Bob Gail Events - Tropical Centerpieces at Tent Wedding black gold chairs chandelier with tropical leaf centerpieces
Photo: Callaway Gable
Bob Gail Events - Rustic Wedding with Blue Linens neutral color palette with pops of gold and orange
Photo: Michael & Ana Costa Photography
Bob Gail Events - Ballroom with Unique Florals wedding reception white gold tulip centerpiece chandeliers starburst
Photo: Next Exit Photography
Bob Gail Events - White & Greenery Centerpiece  black chairs crystal chandeliers tropical flowers
Photo: Jillian Rose Photography
Bob Gail Events - Black, Red & Gold Reception red rose centerpiece black gold chairs decor
Photo: Callaway Gable
Bob Gail Events - Glamorous Wedding Bar mirror white lacquer bar with modern bar stools gold bookcase stands
Photo: James Moes Photography
Bob Gail Events - White & Pink Centerpieces hydrangea rose flowers candles on glass candlesticks
Photo: Hazelnut Photography
Bob Gail Events - Tented Area by Pool outdoor wedding reception private estate neutral decor
Photo: Callaway Gable
Bob Gail Events - Black & Gold Tent Wedding black gold chairs open clear top tent gold linens
Photo: Callaway Gable
Bob Gail Events - Upside-Down Tulip Chandelier unique flower arrangement tulip rose centerpiece chandelier made of tulips
Photo: Next Exit Photography

The planning team at Bob Gail is known for producing custom environments filled with thoughtful details, inventive design, and seamless flow. We approach each event with the production and installation knowledge that has been built over years of hands-on experience in entertainment, floral design, event styling, event production, food and beverage, and hospitality.