Dream African Honeymoon: Zanzibar Beaches + Luxury Safaris

See a couple's dreamy honeymoon in Africa – from the beaches of Zanzibar to not one, but two safaris in Tanzania and Kenya.

Be inspired by Delilah and Swayze's incredible honeymoon to the African island of Zanzibar, followed by luxurious safaris in Tanzania's Serengeti National Park and Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve.

african honeymoon ideas serengeti safari in tanzania at grumeti serengeti river lodge andbeyond
Photo: Courtesy of andBeyond.com

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Following their fairy-tale garden wedding in Nashville, Delilah Bennett and Swayze Brumfield traveled to Africa for a relaxing and adventurous honeymoon beginning with a serene beach vacation followed by two luxurious safari experiences.

Destination: Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa

For the initial leg of their 12-day African honeymoon, Delilah and Swayze wanted nothing more than to relax by the beach to celebrate their first few days as husband and wife. Thus, they booked a three-night stay at Zuri Zanzibar in Tanzania, a five-star property known for offering peace and tranquility to guests with its stunning bungalows, suites, and villas set in a lush, tropical garden just steps from the beach. “We used this opportunity to recover from all the wedding activities with quite a few passion fruit mojitos before our upcoming safaris,” smiles Delilah.

african honeymoon ideas beach vacation in zanzibar island ocean front suite at zuri zanzibar

africa honeymoon ideas ocean front suite bedroom at zuri zanzibar

Photos courtesy of Zuri Zanzibar

Since their main reason to visit Zanzibar was to relax, the newlyweds stayed on-site and enjoyed all of their meals at the hotel’s restaurants featuring a fusion of European, African, Arabic, and Indian cuisines. “We would recommend this property to any couples looking for a relaxing, tropical beach location with great food and drink options,” confirms Delilah. 

To soak up the leisurely part of their journey, days were spent laying by the pool, walking along the white-sand beach and swimming in the turquoise Indian Ocean, exploring the spice garden, and sailing along the coast.

africa honeymoon ideas hotel guests on cabana beds and chairs watching the sunset at zuri zanzibar

Photo courtesy of Zuri Zanzibar


Exploring the spice garden. “The property grows many of their own ingredients used in their drinks and food, including cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, pepper, and more.” 

Taking a sunset cruise. “We had quite a bit of wine and enjoyed the relaxing sail up and down the coast in a traditional dhow sailboat.” 

Savoring local dishes. “We thoroughly enjoyed the seafood dishes heavily spiced with local ingredients, as well as a world-class buffet with a rotating selection of cuisines.”

africa honeymoon ideas real honeymooners on sailboat dhow boat at zuri zanzibar

Photo courtesy of Delilah & Swayze Brumfield

Destination: Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, Africa

To get a feel for the other side of Tanzania, the honeymooners departed the tropical archipelago for the northern part of the country, which is home to Serengeti National Park. There, they stayed four nights at andBeyond Grumeti Serengeti River Lodge, a lavish safari property offering breathtaking views and unparalleled animal sightings in one of the most remote corners of the Serengeti. 

“We were blown away by the privacy, attention to detail, and amazing service from the staff,” affirms Swayze of their stay. “This location is the ultimate honeymoon getaway location for couples looking for a luxurious experience in the midst of incredible natural beauty and wildlife.”

africa honeymoon ideas andbeyond grumeti serengeti river lodge in tanzania

africa honeymoon ideas andbeyond grumeti serengeti river lodge in tanzania family suite bedroom and terrace

Photos courtesy of andBeyond.com

Though the property offers spa treatments and cultural activities, Delilah and Swayze were most interested in the safari experiences. With two game drives each day, they would go out first thing in the morning, followed by another drive in the afternoon. The rest of the day was spent relaxing by the pool, enjoying midday cocktails, and dining. 

“We ate everything from wood-oven pizza with white wine for lunch to local African dishes served with a Tusker beer at night,” explains Delilah of the refined fare options. “We are still wowed by the logistics that must have been involved in serving such five-star dining in the remoteness of the Serengeti.”

africa honeymoon ideas andbeyond grumeti serengeti river lodge in tanzania safari game drive lion with cubs

Photo courtesy of andBeyond.com

africa honeymoon ideas andbeyond grumeti serengeti river lodge in tanzania bride looking through binoculars on safari

Photo courtesy of Delilah & Swayze Brumfield


Up-close wildlife encounters. “We tracked a pride of lions and watched as several adults and their young cubs ate, slept, and played in the early-morning sunshine.” 

Dining in the bush. “This lodge was notable in its sophisticated dishes and variety. We personally met with the head chef to curate our menus during our stay.” 

Being immersed in nature. “At night, we would fall asleep to the sounds of lions roaring, hyenas laughing, and baboons barking in the trees.”

africa honeymoon ideas andbeyond grumeti serengeti river lodge in tanzania honeymooners on safari at sunset

Photo courtesy of Delilah & Swayze Brumfield

Destination: Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, Africa

After experiencing the Serengeti, Delilah and Swayze traveled to Kenya’s Masai Mara area to witness the famous Big Five game animals surrounding andBeyond Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp – which the couple notes as being more social and family-friendly than their first more-romantic safari destination. “The animals in the Masai Mara were much more used to people, so we saw everything from elephants, lions, leopards, and rhinos up close and personal,” shares Swayze. “This location was also home to the great wildebeest migration, which we observed from the Jeep with a bottle of wine in hand.

africa honeymoon ideas andbeyond kichwa tembo tented camp in kenya masai mara superior room views

africa honeymoon ideas andbeyond kichwa tembo tented camp in kenya masai mara bedroom with view

Photo courtesy of andBeyond.com

In addition to game drives, the pair also experienced a hot-air balloon safari that departed while it was still dark and ascended into the sky as the sun rose. “What surprised us is how low we got to the ground. At times, we were brushing the tops of trees and an arm’s length from buffalo and giraffe running across the savanna,” remembers Delilah. To experience the culture, local Masai tribe members offered nightly escorts back to guests’ tents following traditional performances that delighted travelers from around the globe.

africa honeymoon ideas andbeyond kichwa tembo tented camp in kenya masai mara hot air balloon safari

Photo courtesy of andBeyond.com

Hot Air Balloon Shadow with Giraffes

africa honeymoon ideas andbeyond kichwa tembo tented camp in kenya masai mara bride honeymooner on hot air balloon safari

Photo courtesy of Delilah & Swayze Brumfield

“We were most excited about the safari drives on our honeymoon, and these absolutely lived up to and surpassed all of our expectations,” exclaims Swayze. “We did not want to leave!” 


Dining in the wilderness. “They surprised us with a private candlelit dinner and lunch on the lawn surrounded by warthogs to celebrate our honeymoon.” 

Taking a hot-air balloon safari. “It was incredible to see wildlife from a bird’s eye view. It looked like the opening scene from The Lion King, but even more magnificent in person!” 

Making friends on safari. “We became great friends with the other couples in our safari group, and we continue to stay in touch to this day.

africa honeymoon ideas andbeyond kichwa tembo tented camp in kenya masai mara warthog breakfast on safari

Photo courtesy of Delilah & Swayze Brumfield

Africa Honeymoon Tips from Delilah & Swayze:

“Our destinations required some vaccines and travel visas, so advance planning is necessary to ensure a smooth entry.” 

“We visited in September, which was a great season for seeing animals on safari as it overlaps with the great wildebeest migration in Kenya.” 

“The safari lodges recommend wearing neutral-toned colors on game drives to blend in with the landscape; however, you can wear whatever you’d like on property.” 

“To access the safari lodges, you fly on small planes with limited space for baggage. Since most properties include laundry service, you can plan to re-wear outfits.” 

“It can be chilly on early- morning and evening game drives, so pack layers!” 

“September is the offseason for Zanzibar. The weather was nice for our standards living in Chicago, though couples looking for a true beach vacation may want to visit another time of year.”

africa safari ideas honeymooners on safari in africa

Photo courtesy of Delilah & Swayze Brumfield

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